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do whatever makes you happy

remember that nothing is permanent, your problems are all eventually gonna go away.. but that also means your life doesn’t last forever, so why not make the most of it while you’re still here… as long as you’re not hurting anybody whatever makes you happy…also stop doubting’re literately cool as should probably win an award or something.
touchtheskyfans you make me so happy you should win an award or something


no one wants to loose control but as as a human, there is nothing worse. its a sign of weakness , a sign of not being up to the task, and still there are many times where it gets away from you, when the world stops spinning and you realize that your grimy little heart isnt gunna save you. no matter how hard you fight it, you will fall. and it is scarry as HELL, except if theres an upside to falling. it is the chance to give your friends to catch you.

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